The Band:

Sergey Galushko – guitars
Svetlana Galushko - vocal
Dmitry Zamaruev - vocal
Victoria Sysoeva - keyboards
Yury Sveshnikov - bass

The band LITTLE DEAD BERTHA was formed in Voronezh in 1994. Originally its name and material sustained in thrash metal style were in Russian. A year later, after recoding of two demos line-up was extended by the second guitar and a violin. The musicians set a course for doom metal. It resulted in the debut album “In Memorium Premortis” recorded in 1997 and the next album "Two Sides" (1999). Both albums were released on MC by Moscow label Hobgoblin rec. and spread in large circulation over the whole Russia and CIS countries. The music of these albums represented doom metal with some bias in gothic, with heavy guitar sound and sad violin tunes.
After release of "Two Sides" line-up of the band underwent some changes. It was decided to alter the name for BERTHA and change the sounding a little. By that name album "Light & Shadows" was produced at Valiant Music prod. in 2003. The album with its gothic metal spirit turned out to be much softer than previous ones. After its release the band returned the name LITTLE DEAD BERTHA and started to work at new material, setting an aim to produce its heaviest album.
In 2004 "Two Sides" was reissued by the recording label Stygian Crypt prod. A year later at the same label appeared advanced album "Way Of Blind". This album represents shift away from gothic themes and return to origins with still heavier and speedier sounding. At present LDB’s music is high speed and symphonic mixture of melodic death, melodic black, and gothic metal with heavy guitar sound and vigorous masculine/feminine vocal.
After release of "Way Of Blind" album, the band gave a lot of concerts to support it. The band took part in concerts in different Russian cities and also in festivals of CIS countries, such as Metal Heads Mission (2006, 2010), Metal Crowd Open air, etc. Also musicians of LDB belong to the movement Metal Spirit Resurrection and have participated in three tours over Russia within its framework.
At the beginning of 2007 the band released minidisc “Dance...In Darkness” and took part in Metal Spirit Resurrection Tour Vol.4 over Central Russia. In autumn of the same year together with SINFUL, APOKEFALE, and ACT OF GOD the band participated in Metal Spirit Ukraine Tour that took place in 11 cities of Ukraine. In April 2008 as a part of Metal Spirit Resurrection Tour vol.6 LTB gave 7 concerts in Central Russia together with HATE (Poland), SINFUL, and TARTHARIA. On the 31st of July 2008 remastered edition of 2005 LDB album "Way Of Blind" was produced at recording label MSR Prod. To support this new edition the band gave 12 concerts in Ukraine within the framework of Way Of Blind Tour. In March 2009 the band celebrated its 15th anniversary by jubilee concert in native Voronezh, that was video recorded and released in DVD format by the end of 2009. In November 2010 MRS prod. sound-recording firm released the fifth album “Angel & Pain”, to support it the band organized one more tour over Russia together with HATE and SINFUL. In May 2011 there was another tour over Ukraine together with Israeli band THE FADING.
Over the year 2012 the band are working at new material sometimes making brakes for live performances. At the end of the year LTB are planning to release the video clip on the track “If You Try” from the album “Angel & Pain”. Also the band are starting to record new album.


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